Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crafty Toddler Project

I had the pleasure of hosting a few toddlers recently and I wanted them to have a neat little craft to do while they were here. Well this may sound simple, however most of the children have just turned two and are still not ready for some of the bigger craft projects. The theme of our gathering was ladybugs so I came up with a very inexpensive and extremely cute craft for toddlers. This would be great for any play date or birthday party you may host.

First I went to our local craft store and bought frames for only $1.00 each. You can catch these frames 50% off sometimes so be on the look out for this sale. 

Then I spray painted all the frames red to coordinate with my ladybug theme
Next, I purchased some wooden ladybug cutouts that were already painted so I did not have to anything to them. I only paid $0.59 for each ladybug at my local craft store and then hot glued them in the corner of each frame.
Finally, I bought a $4.99 box of foam ladybug cut outs let the kids go wild putting the sticky foam bugs on their frames
The finished product!!!!!
The little ones' had a blast doing this project and it was something cute that they could take home and put a picture in it! This was very cute and not an expensive project.


Carrie said...

That is so cute! {p.s. I was going to post a comment yesterday but the comment section wasn't working.}

Do it yourselfer said...

those are so stinkin' crafty girl you!

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