Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As I TRY to prepare a surprise Thanksgiving dinner for my parents I realize that cooking is not something I excel at nor is it something I enjoy. There are many things I enjoy doing such as decorating, painting, shopping and playing with my kids. But cooking just does not top that list. However, I suppose Thanksgiving is less about the actual taste of the food and more about counting your blessings and being surrounded by loved ones. I am excited to have my parents come for a visit and hope once they taste the food they don't want to head to the K&W. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and I will be back to work on your sign orders on Saturday.

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Jadehollow said...

Dara I love your signs .. Welcome and Great Luck with your business here in Blogland.
You've been tagged. Come by my site for rules and details.
Have A Wonderful Day!

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