Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For the Love of Fabric!

I absolutely love fabric! I may be crazy but I could shop fabric for hours on end. The beautiful thing about fabric is that it can soften a room up in just a few short steps. My next few posts will be a mini series about how to use fabric to soften and warm a room in your own home.

The first thing I typically do is go to my local fabric stores and wander around. I get swatches of all different color and textured fabrics and bring them home. For the next few days I compare each fabric to the other pieces in the room including paint, texture, and durability. I hang them somewhere that I can walk by them 10 times a day and get a feel for which one I like better.

This bulletin board is on my desk and I keep all the fabrics that are in my house on it so I can compare it to the new fabrics. Some of these are up for consideration  at this moment.

                                                        Part #1 of Fabric Series:
                                              Fluff it Up!

This is the first part of my fabric series and I thought I would start simple. I bought my daughter a  cute quilt from a kids store and two accent pillows to go with it. I loved the colors but it looked so Plain Jane and I felt like it needed to be "Fluffed Up!" I began looking for fabric and found a few that I loved so I brought them home and finally picked my two favorites. I had pillows made for her beds and that small change made a big difference. It added color, softness, and warmth to a very sweet little girl's room. 

                                                                  Here is her bed before:

                                                               Another before view:
It is very cute and a good start but I continued to feel like it was lacking something. Here are some of the after pictures. Remember, these are not dramatic before/after picture, instead they are simple and inexpensive changes to help a room feel and look complete!

Here are close ups of the two new pillows. To add another dimension to the Euro Sham, I decided to have it tie with ribbon instead of having  it sewn closed. There is also piping around the pillows and the little pillow is reversible to the striped fabric if I want to change the look a little.

                                                                 The other side

     Here is the Ribbon on the Euro Shams. I absolutely love ribbon, especially in a little girls' room.

                 We have two twin beds in this room so these few pillows made a big difference!


Do it yourselfer said...

we have the same disease...fabric-osis! i would spend all my money on fabric...i love, love, love it. looking forward to meeting you.

The Nester said...


You have impecable impecible GREAT taste!

Heather said...

So pretty!!! I love fabric too - there's nothing like the feel of a perfect, polished cotton. You are so creative.

Anonymous said...


I have the same comforter for my daughter. Do you have any idea the brand name of the fabric? I've looked everywhere for some coordinating stripes & dots! Love it!


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