Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabric Series Part 2: The Magic of Fabric

I must tell my readers the truth about myself. Even though I seem full of energy, there are times when even I am lazy! This post is about a moment when I felt so lazy and somehow discovered a cuter and easier option.

My sister-in-law passed down a table to my kids and it was just the perfect size. However it did not match their decor. It had numbers and designs appliqued to the table and chairs. I decided to paint it and the only way to get the new paint to look perfect was to sand the whole set! Well that did not sound inviting to me. It is cold outside and I just wanted this to be a quick re-do. So I just spraypainted it with Kilz to prime it and then spray painted the light green color I chose. That was all the time I could stand outside in this frigid weather. Needless to say, the paint job was not good. So I just got some fabric that coordinated with her room and had a table runner and fabric cushions made for it. I only needed a yard of fabric so it was not too bad! It was a very inexpensive and easy solution to my problem.

It may be hard to see but if you look closely you can see the imperfections in my quick paint job below:

Take a look at the after. Not only did it cover up the paint problem but it also helped to soften and warm up her room a little more. I am always looking to add warmth to a room.

            Don't forget to check my blog early next week for another edition of my fabric series.

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