Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Small Wall with BIG Personality!

I have a very small wall on the back of my home between the back door and a large window. It is only about two and a half feet wide so I have always allowed it to be a slightly boring space. For some reason I believed that if the wall was small you needed to decorate with small furniture and accents. However, I continued to end up with a very bland space as you walked out my back door.

Well I have broken my own "rules" and decided to put a large but beautiful piece of furniture in this tight space. The Nester confirmed for me again today that there are NO RULES, so I am just doing whatever I feel like these days! I changed the color scheme of the space and it looks wonderful. Take a look for yourself........

I do still love this simple and classic mirror but it has found a new place to hang and you are about to see why!

Isn't it lovely? I am truly amazed at how much different the whole back wall of my house looks all because of this small change. The black stands out more against the boring cream paint (trust me I am working on this!) and allows the space to feel more anchored.

I was scared to try such a large piece in a small space but it turned out beautiful! It just proves to me once again that taking the plunge can often pay off! I must say that if it would have not looked good I would have just continued to try something different. I am not scared to rearrange furniture.... just ask my hubby. He loves being a part of moving furniture (please note this is extreme sarcasm on my part.) As I continue on in the New Year I will continue to try new things and know I have nothing to lose!


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The Nester said...

It looks fantastic! Love how the black pops!

See you soon!

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