Sunday, January 11, 2009

No More Boring Blog!

The holidays were of course chaotic and I have put my blog on the back burner! I will have no more of that in the New Year! I have found two solutions to making my blog much more exciting. Are you ready to see what those two things are????

im_going_yall Badges

I will be attending Blissdom '09 which I believe will allow me to learn lots of new and wonderful things about my blog! As excited as I am to go to Nashville for a weekend and soak up all the knowledge Blissdom has to offer, I am also just as excited to mingle with all the amazing and talented woman at this event!

                      The second thing that will help Once Upon A Cottage be an amazing blog.....

                                                       My New MacBook!

I am so excited to have my very own MacBook! I have wanted a laptop for years and just could not justify the need! However our home computer is starting to get some age on it and I am having to fight with my son for time on it. That was the push that I needed to take the plunge. I am enjoying the new computer and still getting used to all the new features.

Stay tuned for all the great blogs I have on the horizon! I have lots of before and after projects and tons of room redo's!

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